Battlefield tours

Sorry no new tours until 2015.

Now included are: world war 2 history tours  schools

Word has quickly got out especially amongst veteran’s  of our ability to adapt  our tours to accommodate each  individuals wishes.  This has meant we have found ourselves now taking in locations not originally planned.

Because we  genuinely take pleasure  and are honoured  to assist the veterans we find we cannot say ‘no’ to taking them back to specific and sometimes remote places where they served.

For example on a recent  battlefield tour -veterans trip to Northern Europe we found ourselves hopping and zig -zagging our way across France/Belgium and Holland. This was great as many of the veterans wanted to revisit little towns where the locals extended kindness to them.

We will continue to do these multi stop Battlefield Tours  wherever possible, but we may from time to time have to increase the cost. To the best of our knowledge 99% of other tour organisers set the timetable and locations beforehand and that’s it!!

During next year we are booked to take veterans/wives/widows and siblings  to the following battlefield tours of memorial.

 Battlefield Tours


  • March. Far East POW association. Commissioned to arrange Group of 23 to Jakarta/Ambon.
  • April. North Europe. Eindhoven/Nijmegen/Helmond/Overloon/Rotterdam/Groesbeek/Reichswald Forest.
  • April. Italy. Sorrento/Naples/Monte Cassino/Rome.
  • May    Malta.
  • June. Middle and Far East. Pictures and tour diaries will appear in due course.

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