Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech

Tour retracing the route taken by Reinhard Heydrich on the day of the assassination attempt

 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour CzechREINHARD HEYDRICH

 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech programme

This tour can be undertaked as a ‘stand alone’ one-off. Or, as part of our regular multi destination WW2 tour of Czech.
ONE OF THE MOST EVIL MEN WHO EVER LIVED. We retrace his final trip beginning from the location of departure (Heydrich’s former residence), through to observing the place where the actual assassination occurred-.( Albeit now on a dual carriageway)

 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour CzechHEYDRICH RESIDENCE
We may or may not, be able to view the building internally. Officially not open to the public. However (unofficially) It much depends on the mood of the Janitor on the day.

 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech
 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech

To add authenticity to your itinerary, the journey will be made in vehicles with design similarities to Heydrich’s vehicle, driven on that fateful day. Bus on left side is suitable for 10 passengers the car for 3-4. The size of the group will dictate which vehicles we use. It could be both or either one. We reserve the right to the” final say” on who goes in which vehicle etc.
Weather permitting roof top will be opened (as was the case on Heydrich’s final journey). However rest assured no “hand grenades” will be lobbed into the vehicle!! LOL
Note: It may not necessarily be these precise vehicle. Above image is part of a fleet offered by our partners.

 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech
 Reinhardt Heydrich history tour Czech

Heydrichs actual damaged vehicle, and a further image showing a tram passing the damaged vehicle.

You will be shown the approximate point where the attack took place, although frankly, there is nothing of tangible substance to see. Aside from the fact the location now forms part of a busy dual carriageway, the Czech authorities, do not encourage allowing the spot to be perceived as a shrine or any form of neo nazi martyrdom worship site. The vintage car journey terminates outside the church where the Commando’s made their final stand.