Warrant Officer. E.B.(Ted) Cachart. Wop/Ag

Youngest ever B/C crew member.

It is  with great sadness we announce that the lovely “Ted” is no longer with us- passed away late 2013! As a dedication and memorial to Ted we are leaving his bio on our site.  RIP Tec Cachart! We are not intending to seek a replacement.

Enjoy World War II Tours with Ted Cachart – watch his video story.











Enlisted at age 15, ( Told recruitment he was older). Promoted Sgt Wop/Ag at age 18 baled out of a “Lancaster bomber” (north of Berlin), and became a POW .


Ex 49th Squadron (Lancaster) RAF Fiskerton. Lincolnshire

On January 2/3 1944 as usual WAAF Driver Dot Everett drove the crew of 49 Sqn to their fuelled up and ready to go Avro Lancaster EA-N, affectionately referred to by Dot as”N” for “Nancy Pants. The crew were about to depart on a night operation to Berlin, from which they failed to return.

Sergeant (W/O) E B (Ted) Cachart and his crew’s story is quite remarkable. Departing for what would be their seventh operation cca. sixty-miles from their target, they executed a 90 degree turn resulting in a collision with another Lancaster. The other Lancaster was known to be probably S-Sugar and from the same squadron. Sadly all SA-Sugar crew died in the accident. However all of Ted’s crew managed to successfully bail out, and became POW’s.

Ted and four other members of the crew, survive to this day. Ted remains in touch with all of them, including “The Skipper”- (as he describes him) who lives in Canada. Two member of the crew were from the RCAF.


We could not be more proud to have Ted on our team, ensuring our Bomber Command and Fighter Command tours are authoritative and authentic. He also co-ordinates our veterans visits to the theatre of war. Ted serves as a consultant for WWII Heritage Tours and joins us as a guest to share his experiences with our travellers. He knows only too well the bravery shown by airmen in the Second World War; he has experienced the triumphs and terrors and at an age when young men today are leaving for university, he was incarcerated as a POW.

He will act as our Bomber Command and “Lancaster Bomber” consultant authority.

“Health permitting” as he put it will guest with us on our UK bomber command itinerary, and perhaps from time to time accompany us on our trips to the Mohne Dams.

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To obtain a copy of this limited edition book, please contact Ted at: tedthelad@bigfoot.com