How we work and pricing

An innovative approach in facilitating your tour plans.

How we work and how we differ. With us it’s possible to save as much as 40% on your tour. HOW?……

We have concluded often tours are much more expensive that they need be. This is due mainly to tour operators incurring and of course“adding on” considerable costs, to cover the provision of various customer safeguards.

 For example bonding financial loss if the operator goes bankrupt, or simply disappears with the client’s money. As well as various insurance cover against a multitude of liabilities  and various contingences. Many of these liabilities are actually covered in your existing insurance cover.

Of course financial losses would never occur in a perfect- world where everyone is 100% honest.

Having ourselves never been dishonest, nor intending to be why should we incur massive expenses in protection cover?  Especially bearing in mind it would be protection against something which we would never consider perpetrate in the first place! Moreover, of course, these costs are ultimately passed on to you -the consumer.

Accordingly- we opted to operate in a different manner.

Our tours are “Land Only” and we act as Tour hosts.

We place you in charge (like a self-service arrangement) this way we never actually handle your money in the first place. Thus allowing you to obtain your tour at the actual prices the tour operator pays before adding on their profit element. Simple, effective, and eliminates any fears you may have that we may disappear with your money!

To explain:

What do we do?

  • 1) We assemble the group minimum of 10
  • 2) We then speak to the hotel/s and negotiate a price based on group booking.
  • 3) We report back to all members of the group (and if everyone is happy) the clients then book books their room directly with the hotel.
  • 4) Tour Guide /Minibus/ Coach driver. Apart from a small deposit (which you need to pay to us in advance) you will pay for these services directly at pick-up point-either cash or Credit card.
  • 5) Ground transport and transfer

You are responsible for the following.

  • 6) Air tickets
  • 7) Food although most hotels include breakfast
  • 8) Admission charges to all events
  • 9) Insurance-personal and health.
  • 10)  Gratuities

How do we earn a profit? Answer-We make a management/handing charge calculated at £40.00 per person for each day of the tour. The small deposit mentioned above is credited towards our management charge. Of course if you feel unable to do things in this manner (if you wish to pay us first) we will handle it for you.

We also offer individual bespoke services. Whereby we assist with itinerary routes, type and class of hotel, special activities, sightseeing, cultural sightseeing, choice of restaurants etc. We can also make itinerary suggestions creating a mix of various activities.  Each tour requires a minimum of 10 passengers.


Prices shown for each tour are quite accurate. However, actual final price is given only when you are ready to book. Reasons for this are: hotel costs can swing quite dramatically depending on time of year, or when demand is exceptionally high due to some special event taking place. In addition, currency fluctuations can influence the price too.


It’s a fact nowadays with a huge number of mobile apps. Google maps etc. it’s much easier to plan the tour yourself by booking everything online -DIY. But the choices are so wide, varied, as well as in many cases -confusing its a very daunting task. It could take you hours, if not days, to eventually come up with something workable. Even then without local knowledge you could still get it completely wrong.



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