In accordance with the ‘EC Package Travel Directive 1992’ your deposit and final payment are protected in a Trust Account (Escrow Account) operated by an independent trustee until completion of your holiday.

All monies for tours (of 24 hrs or longer) are paid into our Trustee Account in accordance with the consumer protection measures in the EU Package Travel Regulations 1992; monies are only released by the Trustee following completion of the trip.

Although we do not anticipate  tour cancellations we reserve the right at any time and for any reason to cancel the tour. In this case the entire payment will be refunded without further obligation on our part.

Cancellations on your part must be made in writing to: World War Two Heritage Ltd,  to 3 Ludlow avenue, Luton LU1 3RW.  A 100% refund will be allowed up to 60 days prior to tour departure. Cancelling between 30-60 day prior to departure incurs a Fee of 20% of the total  tour price. 20-30 days incurs a Fee of 40%. Less than 20 days no refunds will be entertained.  We reserve the right  to decline to accept any booking without stating a reason. If you are booking within 42 days of departure, full payment is required at the time of booking.

You should carefully  read and understand the contents of these terms and contract conditions between us. Your booking confirms your understanding of the booking conditions, which you have accepted on behalf of not only yourself, but all members of your group.

Our rates are calculated on groups with a minimum of 10 people. Anything less we can consider, however less than 10, the cost per person will increase. However in the event that there are insufficient numbers to make the trip viable six weeks prior to  the scheduled tour date, we reserve the right to cancel the entire  holiday by written confirmation. In this eventuality all monies paid shall be refunded. However under no circumstances will any compensation be made.

We do not offer refunds for services or parts of the tour not taken. It is also agreed that no refunds will be made to persons who do not complete the tour ,irrespective of the reason.

It is clearly understood  World War Two Heritage Ltd  bear  no responsibility whatsoever in the whole or in part  for the following: delays, departures/arrivals, missed air or bus connections, loss, death or injury to person or property. Accidents, deliberate criminal assault, mechanical failure, failure or negligence of any nature however caused, including, and not specifically limited to, any negligent actions, omissions, or breaches of contract by any third parties in relation to: transportation, accommodation, or any additional  services, substitutions to hotels airline changes to schedules, type of replacement aircraft,  either with  or without prior notice, and any additional cost incurred thereby..constitute the sole contract between the company(ies) and the participant and/or purchaser of the tour.

Booking your tour

We do not accept bookings via the internet.

Bookings are made with us direct by telephone. A deposit of £150.00 per person is required which can be either by cheque, or bank transfer paid at time of booking. Taking bookings this way allows us an opportunity to get to know the client, as opposed to the rather clinical and  sanitised  online booking method.

Prices quoted are calculated on current  costs and exchange rates. Apart from any very sharp and dramatic increases our prices will not alter. However we do reserve the right to alter our prices which the client would be made aware of, prior to any booking. Once the booking is confirmed the price is guaranteed to remain the same, providing no changes are made to the booking.

We endeavour wherever possible to accommodate changes in your booking. However if the cancellation involves monies already paid on your behalf, it remains at the discretion of the supplier as to your refund entitlement.

If the event of any person listed on the booking schedule being unable or  prevented from travelling due to  illness, death in the family, jury service or any other significant reason, we will endeavour to transfer the  booking to another individual. That is providing they comply with all the terms and conditions appertaining to the tour.

Hotel accommodation.

Our tours are calculated on 2 per room. In the event of a single traveller we will endeavour to the best of our ability to match you with  another person of similar interest etc. We would place you in touch with each other prior to departure. Alternatively a single room supplement will apply.

Bed & Breakfast accommodation.

It’s understood  some rooms may well be larger than another, or possess better facilities. it’s rare in any b & b that every room is identical. We have no control nor accept  any responsibility for who has what  or shares which room. We would also point out that in busy times we may have to split the group in terms of accommodation.  For example 12 in the party, and only free rooms for 8. Being then faced with the dilemma of either quickly identifying alternative  accommodation for the overflow, or the entire  tour does not go ahead we  may (at our own expense)  be compelled to accept an alternative of a higher standard.  (Never Lower) By doing this we will not however, entertain claims form any person feeling aggrieved that one part of the party was in superior accommodation to the other.






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