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World war ii memorial tours 

World War Two Heritage Tours were formed by the husband and wife team of John -UK born and Libby-Czech born.

Throughout their entire married life, they shared a common interest in the WW2 era. Especially, the little-known history of occupied Czechoslovakia under the Nazi occupation.

However now both in their late 60's they have retired but continue to offer free advice.

As a child growing up in Prague Libby learned a lot about Czech history especially during the German occupation period. Also, the Red army and it's massive underestimated contribution and sacrifices made during WW2.

World war ii memorial tours 

Libby says since arriving in the UK I learned western perceptions of the Second World War were often coloured /embroidered by films celebrating the exploits of British and American forces. Conversely,  Libby only knew of the “glorious Red Army” and Czech Resistance.

Virtually unique in UK today, Libby is the living daughter of a Czech holocaust survivor-Josef Cetl. Surviving incarcerations at two concentration camps. Namely: Czechoslovakia Terezin (Theresianstadt)-Transit camp, and Germany- Buchenwald concentration camp.

World war ii memorial tours 

Libby’s bridges the gaps in the misunderstandings- propaganda and downright lies often generated by both, western and eastern europe allies, during WW2.

During 1942  Josef Cetl. Libby's dad was arrested in Prague by the Gestapo at 3AM in the morning and taken away still in his pyjamas. His crime was being an operative within the communist underground movement. After his trial and conviction, Josef was sent to the Terezin concentration camp. Later he was moved to Buchenwald where he was very fortunate to survive. Much of the inspiration behind WWII Heritage Tours was to honour the memories of such people as Josef Cetl and to ensure the horrors of the concentration camps and Holocaust are not forgotten.

Her background as well as her dads tragic experiences genuinely places her in the category of an 'authority' on WW2 matters -Czech Republic-formerly Czechoslovakia.

World war ii memorial tours 

 World war ii memorial tours for schools WWII



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